Lost in the crowd? Don’t panic! He has his  Bracelet!

Enfants qui pleure, perdu dans la foule avec son bracelets King's ID
Un adulte retrouve l'enfant et peut téléphoner grâce à son bracelets King's ID Sos band
L'enfant retrouve sa maman ou son papa grâce à son bracelets King's ID Sos band



DID YOU KNOW that over 1379* children got lost on Belgian beaches in the summer of 2016 ?

King’s ID has designed an ID bracelet so you don’t have to worry about your little ones getting lost.

Our bracelets are reusable and have been designed so that children can’t take them off without help.
100% hypoallergenic, water resistant, adjustable and easy to use!

When you are on a family day out at the beach, on a city trip or just somewhere new one single second can be enough for your little adventurer to escape your attention
Don’t panic, thanks to the phone number you will have written on his King’s ID bracelet, the person who finds your child will be able to contact you immediately!

The original « Smurfs » design gives these bracelets a « Belgian touch » and the other bracelets in the collection are equally as fashionable and will be a source of envy in the playground !
King’s ID bracelets have been designed to be worn all year round and are a real fashion accessory that your child won’t want to take off!

Have fun AND peace of mind ! !

*Statistics from the Belgian coastal security services (IKWV) 


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